Coffee Roastery

I absolutely love coffee. I always have a cup right when I wake up, and depending on the day I will have two or three. It was awesome being able to see how the coffee is made and how much goes into it. I got the opportunity to tour Caffè River and learned about coffee and how much goes into the process of making coffee. At the beginning of the tour we were greeted with coffee that was a little bitter, but I still enjoyed it. We then were taught about the background of Caffè River and the process of them getting their coffee beans. They have a reliable partner in Uganda can pay in advance and they buy their coffee beans. The beans go through either the wet or dry process before being shipped out to the company. The dry process is all natural where they berry of the coffee plant dries out in the sun and then they are able to extract the seed. The wet process is created by the Dutch and it is when it season is rainy or humid so the bean is too wet to go through the natural process. That means the internal skin of the berry has to be removed along with the jelly inside, then the beans can be extracted and placed into water for a day. Then they are left to dry out it the sun. Each bean has to be inspected because one bad bean has the potential to ruin the whole batch.

We continued the tour and they showed us how they roast the bean and send them through the each step detail step until they are taken and packaged. I had no idea that the coffee beans were green until they were roasted. After over 60 years of the family business, Caffè River have a efficient way of roasting and packaging their coffee. The people who work there are so passionate and love their work and their coffee. They have many great values that they uphold and that is one of the reasons they have been around for so long.

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