La Buccianera Winery

La Buccianera Winery is a 60 hectares of a beautiful vineyard with a breath-taking view that overlooks Arezzo. The vineyard is all organic and they do not use pesticides, therefore their wines are all natural. For the vineyard, they use only the best solid and it receives excellent exposure to the sunlight allowing the vineyard to thrive. Inside the grapes are taken to be prepared before they can be bottled. Our guide showed us around here and described how the grapes ferment in the stainless steel tanks. These tanks are set at a controlled temperature that is specific to the type of wine. Like we have learned in our culinary class, he told us how the red wines are fermented with the skins on and the white wines remove the skin before fermentation. He showed us around the beautiful vineyard and then we went up to an elegant room where we were served appetizers and four different wines.

This wine below is the white wine. Personally, I enjoyed this wine the most. It was a dry for a white wine and a tad bit sour, but the liver that is was paired with made it more enjoyable.

Donna Patrizia I.G.T. / Buccia Nera / Toscana Blanco

  • Trebbiano 40%, Malvasia 40%, Grechetto 20%
  • Produced from grapes harvested at the end of September and the first half of October
  • Fermentation and maturation occur entirely in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature

This red wine had a bit of a wooden earthy taste to me. The cheese went well with this wine because it was salty. I do not enjoy red wine as much as I do white, so this wine was not my favorite.

Syrah I.G.T / Buccia Nera/ Tuscany Syrah

  • Syrah 100%
  • Made with grapes cultivated in Cortona
  • It fermates for 15 days at 29 degrees Celcius
  • Wine is pumped in French oak barrels to age for 6 months

This red wine was better than the first red wine, but still not my favorite. It was lower in sugar and higher in alcohol, so it was a bit dry. The acidity of the tomato bruschetta made this wine taste better to me.

Sassocupo / Chianti Superiore Docg

  • Sangiovese 90%, Canaiolo 10%
  • Made from grapes harvested between late September and early October
  • Ferments in a temperature-controlled steel tank at 18 degrees Celsius
  • Matures 12 months in 30hl French oak barrels

This wine was a dessert wine. The color was interesting, it looked more like a white wine to me than a red, but it was almost orange. The consistence of the wine was a little thicker probably due to the sugar in it. I tasted a vanilla caramel flavor, but it was very strong and not enjoyable to me.

Vin Santo / Central Etruria Hills / Registered Destination of Origin

  • Malvasia Toscana, Trebbiano
  • Produced from strictly selected grapes harvested in the second half of September and placed on racks where they remain for many months to wilt
  • When grapes achieve their correct dryness, they are pressed

Overall, I really enjoyed this winery. It was so pretty, the people were excellent, and experiencing the different wines were great!

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