Florence, Italy

The city of Florence reminded me more of Rome that it did Arezzo. There we a lot of tourist and people trying to sell you things on the side of the road. But despite all that, I still really enjoyed it and liked it better than Rome. When we first arrived, we went to the Uffizi Museum. Whenever I visit museums, it seems to me that a lot of the time the little things always catch my attention more that the main pieces. In this museum what caught my eye was the ceilings.


Whenever I look at this image I think about the time and the detail that was put in to painting a ceiling. This specifically reminds me of Heaven with all the angels. This was not the only place I saw God on this trip. I always see God though nature, that is one way I connect with Him. The outside of Florence with the trees and the old buildings on the river just reminds me how great He is and how He made every culture different beautiful in their own way.

Another way I experienced the culture on this trip was going to the leather market. All the owners had their stands set up and were trying to sell all their leather items to people. Elli and I ended up buying four purses total. The man that we bought our purses from was Italian and very passionate about his work. He was showing us how intricate and good quality his purses were. He seemed proud of the work he had done. I think that is how a lot of people are here. They just seem like they are satisfied and do not need a lot to make them happy; I really like that about Italy.

I have always the statue of David in movies and pictures but it was so different in person. There was so much detail that you could not grasp by just looking at it in a book. It was much bigger than I expected and the details looked so real. His veins and the way he was standing, you could just tell a story was there. This statue made me think about my childhood and when I used to hear about the story of David and Goliath. That was my favorite story for the longest time when I was a child. David was so brave and trusted in God to help him and He did. To me, this statue was a good reminder to put my trust in God and have him lead me.


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