Rome, Italy

When we first arrived to Rome, we were very excited to experience the new culture. This is my first time to experience Europe, so I did not know what to expect. The outside opinions I had previously heard from other people about Italy was to eat a bunch a food and taste and appreciate the wine while taking in the history of the country. Rome being our first stop and filled with history made it easy to do this. Our hotel ended up being right across the street from the Vatican, it was awesome. When we first got to the hotel, Elli and I walked around Rome taking it all in, observing the people and the culture, and then found a place to eat outside. The first meal I had was a big pizza and this bottle of wine.


The pizza was very light for being a pizza, but still filling at the same time. You could tell it was fresh, it was delicious! The white wine was a little sweet, but not too sweet. It went very well with the pizza. Because I was eating outside I was able to look around and watch the people in Rome. First off, everyone always eats outside when they get the chance. They could sit out there for as long as they would like and not have a waiter trying to rush them to leave. Then as I looked around, no one really ever seemed in a rush; they were just content with where they were in that moment and were in no hurry. The people sip on their wine slowly and really enjoy the taste with their meals. In Rome, it is a bit more touristy, but I was still able to pick out the locals from the tourist when we went out to eat or just around town.

The next morning, we went to a cute bakery and of course sat outside again. For breakfast I ate this yogurt.


This menu had pictures to choose from, so I showed the waiter I wanted the yogurt in the picture. The picture was pretty on the menu, but when they brought the actual yogurt out, it was way prettier that the picture on the menu. The food here seems to be a bit more pretty, clean, and fresh than the food I am used to back in the states.

Rome was so great! Learning about the culture on the tours and having freedom to explore and learn on our own made it an experience I will not forget.

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